Deals of Mergers and Acquisitions come with various technical challenges related to acquisition, disinvestment, and fundraising. This is why, at Rodschinson Investment, ROD M&A collaborates meticulously with ROD PE and ROD sport spaces to stretch the value chain and maximize the use of our expertise. When it comes to M&A, we understand that different private companies follow varied work philosophies and operational techniques. As leading investment advisors with profuse experience in such deals across Europe and the globe, we identify the primary junctures and guide them towards a consented closure with an end to end service.

End To End Deal Preparation

Creating Definitive Term Sheets

Executing Due Diligence Control

Due diligence is a time-consuming and lengthy process. We save you time and effort by taking up the work and finishing the process quickly, with more efficiency. This involves seamless liaison between our expert team of lawyers and vendors as well as discussions with experienced consultants for legal, commercial, and technical diligence.

Securing Conclusive Agreements

Speedy Deal Execution

Specialists for every situation

Rodschinson Investment is your trusted investement partner to make the smartest possible move whatever is your current situation.

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